how to design your website like a pro

How to Design Your Website like a Pro: 6 Tips from Our Brand Designer

BY Dana Kessler

4 min read

You’re not a web designer. So what? That doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful and professional new website that you designed yourself. Wait, what? Yes, you heard us. Just follow these 6 pro tips given to you for free by our very own brand designer, Chamutal Chavtan.

Design pro tip #1: Choose a template that shows off what’s important 

12handz offers you various beautiful templates for your website. But how will you choose? Here’s what Chavtan has to say:

“It depends what type of business you are. For example, if you are a photographer, a fashion designer or a landscape architect, you would want to show off your work. This means that photos are the most important part of your website. So you need to choose a template with big photos or a lot of photos, and without any texts or color blocks interfering with your images. 

“But if you, for example, are a lawyer, or a spa owner, the most important thing for you is to tell people what it is you do and what makes you the best. So you should choose a template that puts text up front.”

A template that emphasizes photos
A template that emphasizes text

Design pro tip #2: Don’t use a photo in your logo

“The first thing you need to know when you’re building your website with 12handz, is that a horizontal logo works best with our templates. 

“The second thing you need to know is that you should never use a photo in your logo, because a photo has a certain image resolution and you can’t change its size according to your needs. It also has certain colors, which might not fit your color scheme. You want your logo to have one color or two — no more than that.

 “A logo can be either an icon, or an icon with text, or just text. But which font to use for your logo? Well, generally speaking, I always recommend choosing a (relatively) thick and heavy font — because it makes a bigger impact and it’s more memorable.”

Choose a thick and heavy font for your logo

Design pro tip #3: Choose the font that fits your brand perfectly

“As a web designer, I can tell you that choosing the right font is always a crucial part of designing your website. Every font sends a different message to people, and can stir different emotions in your customers. So you really want to get it just right. 

“For instance, if you want to send the message across that your brand is young and fun, you might want to choose a script font, that mimics cursive handwriting. Like this one:

“If you want to send the message across that your brand is exclusive, stable and established, choose a serif font. Serifs are the little details or decorations attached to letters. Serif fonts have them — sans serif fonts don’t.

Here are some examples of serif fonts:

“If your brand is elegant and modern, go for a sans serif font, like one of these:

Design pro tip #4: When it comes to colors, less is more

“We all love colors, but in design you need to know that less is more. That is the golden rule of great design. Don’t be tempted to use too many colors. The only brands that want to do that, are brands that think of themselves, first and foremost, as ‘colorful’. Otherwise, choose one color to be the primary color of your website and combine it with black and white. It will make your website look professional. 

“One of the big advantages of the 12handz website builder, is that it lets you do exactly that: choose one color, which will be the base of your color scheme. This is great for people who aren’t professional designers, because it keeps the color scheme simple and focused.

“Here are a few examples:”

Design pro tip #5: Use photos of your business

“Photos are an important part of your website. A great way to create a personal connection with your customers is using personal photos of your business and your employees. This makes people feel they know you personally. 

But if you don’t have photos of your business yet, or you don’t have enough of them, feel free to use photos from our huge library — just make sure you choose photos that represent your business accurately.” 

Design pro tip #6: Keep it simple

“This last tip for designing your website is the most important advice I can give you as a professional designer: Keep it simple. Don’t be afraid of empty spaces. It’s always better to go for a clean design than a crowded one. Make sure that your photos look good, that your design is clean and that your texts are readable (that there’s enough contrast between the text and its background so that it’s easy to read), and you’ll be just fine.” 

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